Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss

16 May

I’ve secretly wanted to buy blue lip gloss for ages. It brightens the teeth! It cools down warm lipsticks! It makes you look like a smurf! One of the above statements is false, by the way, and especially in the case of Guerlain’s Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro (no 12), from the Summer 2012 Pucci collaboration.

Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro

While this gloss isn’t the star of the collection, I couldn’t resist buying it – on display in its curvy tube, it looked like an aquatic dream. As with the other products in this collection, it’s tortoiseshell box opens up to reveal Emilio Pucci’s bright ‘Winter Capri’ print, a startling contrast that promises for the products Riviera vibe. Inside is a contoured tube of plastic housing the gloss, with an elaborately engraved  cap. The Terracotta glosses are part of Guerlain’s traditional summer range and the Summer 2012 version’s cap has received a makeover in a deep, smokey bronze. While the tube is lightweight and plastic, the attention to detail make it feel baroque and luxurious with Guerlain’s signature engraved above spiralling scrolls. The cap twists off to reveal a soft, doe footed applicator which makes for easy application.

Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro

Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro

The color, however, is the attention getter for this gloss, and in my opinion the most beautiful of the collection. Named after an iconic Pucci scarf, it is a deep blue that looks alternately ultramarine or violet, with a jelly-like consistency in the tube that gives it a playful feel. On swatching the gloss on my arm, it is visibly blue, and though Guerlain described this as transparent on the lips, I find there is a slight blue tint when applied to the mouth alone. What is strange, however, is that the effect is really attractive – it doesn’t look corpse-like or transform me into a smurf. It simply gives the slightest blue tint to my mouth. Applied over lipstick, it cools down warm shades and does, in fact, make the teeth appear slightly brighter. The shade is original in that it would easily cool down a summer look, when so many of us assault our faces with golds, bronzes, and corals – it provides a nice balance to an otherwise warm summer look.

Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro Swatched in Direct Sunlight

The formula is lovely – the gloss is thick but not sticky in the least. It makes my lips feel hydrated and smooth, and doesn’t bleed or feather from the lip line. Described as a “moisturizing gloss”, I believe that Guerlain intended this to be used along with their other summer products, and therefore counteract the effects summer sun can have on delicate lips. The effect is very shiny yet still understated – lips look more kissable than they do slick, like with a MAC lipglass. There is no shimmer in this formula (the bane of my existence) so no gritty feeling, though the gloss doesn’t last as long as I’d like for the price point. My major drawback with this gloss is the amount of product – the tube contains .17oz, comparable to most glosses, but because of the length of the tube, it feels somehow empty (this could also be my impression because of the lightweight packaging). Additionally, due to the lack of longevity of this product, I am certain I will see myself finishing it by summer’s end – a sore disappointment for such a lovely gloss.

Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss in Porto Azzurro… Summer Essentials !

Despite my misgivings about the Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss, I am overall pleased with my purchase – as an eyeshadow and skin care fanatic, it’s nice to stray with a playful gloss once in a while, particularly one so original – I can’t think of many major, traditional, luxury brands that have gone so adventurously out of the box with a summer lip color, and can only thank Peter Dundas of Pucci for his whimsical influence in this lovely collection.

The Guerlain x Pucci Terra Azzura Terracotta Lip Gloss is available on most department store counters (and at Sephora), for approximately $32USD.

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