DIY Beauty – Yogurt Brightening and Refining Mask

6 Nov

I read an article on the Daily Mail (my guilty pleasure) last week that pale skin is IN. This isn’t really of great importance to me, because whether it’s fashionable or not, I am stuck with my translucent white skin for life – I don’t tan so much as cook in the sun, so I’m always looking for ways to make my pale skin more marble, less pallid.

As you know, I love DIY beauty, not only because it’s economical, but also because it’s good for your body. I had a look in my fridge to see what I could concoct this weekend for a DIY beauty recipe from the kitchen, and decided to do a Greek yogurt and honey mask, which just happens to be one of my favorite things to eat as well.

The lowdown: while this mask has benefits for everyone, it’s particularly great for those with pale skin prone to ruddiness, like me. Milk products have been used for centuries for their ‘whitening’ properties (like the milk and orange blossom baths of Cleopatra), and the active ingredients in yogurt add on to the benefits. A yogurt mask also calms inflamed skin (occasional zits or redness), tightens pores, and softens.

I took a pot of Greek yogurt, which is great for the mask because it is very thick, and doesn’t have any sugar or extraneous ingredients in it, but you can also use any kind of plain yogurt. You can see in the photo that this one is very thick indeed, which is ideal for staying on the face.

I then added a bit of honey to my yogurt – honey, as I’ve mentioned before, has antiseptic properties and helps with acne. If your skin is very irritated, you can actually add a bit of oatmeal – remember oatmeal baths after poison ivy when you were a kid ? Yes, it’s like that.

If the honey or oatmeal don’t mix homogeneously with the yoghurt, zap it in the microwave for a few seconds and then blend.

I applied the mask with my fingers, but if yours isn’t thick enough, a foundation brush will work very well for application. As you can see in the photo, this really stayed on my face, and gave me a wonderful, cooling sensation on my skin.

After 10 – 15 minutes, the mask started to harden, so I soaked a washcloth with warm water and buffed it gently off my skin, and then followed with a cleanser, and finally, a day cream.

Results ? My skin looked far brighter, and the redness on my cheeks and nose was diminished. My pores looked refined, and my skin was so hydrated that I almost didn’t need to moisturize !

This one is definitely going to become part of the regular beauty arsenal – try it yourself, it’s inexpensive and easy, and the results really are lovely. Besides that, you’ll feel very Euro with your Greek yogurt on your face!

XX La Coquette

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