Duty Free Exclusives – Chanel’s Palette in ‘Voyage’ !

23 Oct

I’ve actually used (and mentioned) this palette in another post, but I’d like to share with you what is more than likely the most useful makeup palette I own.

Every time I travel internationally, I look forward to checking out the duty-free store. Many of the luxury cosmetics brands have differing duty-free products exclusive to regions (ie: Sonia Rykiel has a makeup line in Asia – I die).

While I’ve usually just blown all my money on airfare, I usually take advantage of my overdraft to pick up a few goodies, whether I’m looking for cut-rate prices or Duty Free exclusives. Fortunately, the boy travels for work often in Asia and the Middle East, so lately I’ve sent him with long shopping lists for his mother and I ! One of my favorite of these acquisitions is the Chanel Palette in ‘Voyage’, a duty-free exclusive. This lovely little thing  is available globally, exclusively in airport Duty Free stores, and retails for about 60 USD depending on the exchange rate (mine was bought in Shanghai International Airport for about 400 Chinese Yuan, in June).

Unfortunately I tossed the box, but inside you’ll find the palette housed in a luxurious black velvet pouch, along with 3 applicators (sponge tip eyeshadow, lip brush, and blush brush) and a mini, .3ml version of Chanel’s Exceptionnel mascara. You can go ahead and throw out the sponge tip applicator – it’s not particularly useful or even well made, but I do like the mini lipbrush for the lip colors. The product will look something like this :

The palette itself is large and long, about twice the size of a traditional Chanel Quad Eyeshadow, and has a very good amount of product for the price ( ie: one Chanel blush alone will set you back at least 40 USD), considering that the quality is as good as the products bought individually.

Inside, you’ll find four eyeshadows, two lip creams, two lip glosses, and a blush. The colors in this palette are really soft and pretty. I could see this being the perfect bridal palette, though for me, it’s my everyday workhorse.

Palette with No Flash

The eyeshadows come in a sparkling white, a shimmering and sweet peachy carnation shade, a soft chocolate-brown, and a sheer gold with sparkles. All of the colors have shimmer, and all are very pigmented save the gold, which I find works best as a sparkly ‘top coat’ for the other shades. I sort of wished there was a color between the 3 very light ones and the darker chocolate-brown one to apply to the entire lid, but I really can’t complain, as all four shades are versatile and great quality.

Four Eyeshadows + Blush, Swatched in Natural Light

shimmmerrrry ! the eyeshadows + blush, swatched with FLASH / artificial light

The lip creams come in a sheer berry, and soft coral. These manage to be sheer and pigmented at the same time, and the color is very buildable. They are hydrating on the lips, leaving a moist, hydrated look.

The lip glosses I’m less fond of – there is a blue based true pink gloss with microfine glitter, and a warm coral shade with gold glitter. While the pink gloss goes on so sheer that you don’t get any color payoff, the coral shade’s glitter makes me look like a disco ball. I do like the pink shade to wear underneath the lip creams, making them more sheer, but tend to avoid the coral color for everyday use – I suppose it’s the one element that truly makes this a day into night palette.

L - R; raspberry lip cream, pink gloss, coral glitter gloss, coral lip cream (natural light)

L - R; raspberry lip cream, pink gloss, coral glitter gloss, coral lip cream (Flash)

The blush – the BLUSH ! I love this stuff. It looks so shimmery and raspberry pink in the palette, but goes on beautifully and subtly. I like this a great deal more than Nars’ Orgasm, for example, as I think it gives me a far more natural flush. The swatch is picture above with the eyeshadow, and I wear this blush in many of my photos (including the GiGi look).

The Mascara – great little gadget. I LOVE travel mascaras because, with the liquid limits, I’m always afraid they’ll throw out my giant DiorShow tubes. This one doesn’t give much in terms of volume or blackness, compared to say, DiorShow Blackout, but does separate and lengthen lashes. Two coats give me a pretty, natural look, and more for more drama. It’s also a great lower lash mascara, because the brush really DOES separate. NO clumps with this !


Verdict ? For 60 USD, you can’t really go wrong. With the exception of one lip gloss, I use all of the shades in this palette almost daily. It’s a wonderful deal for Chanel makeup which can be so expensive, when you consider how much product you’re  getting. Besides,

I don’t actually like this as much as I have the previous palettes (My 2009 ‘Fly High’, pictured below, was a personal favorite – and was stolen from my bag at work !), but I do absolutely recommend it.

I'm still mourning the loss of this baby. That blush was my HG !


I liked that it came with a mascara, which my previous Chanel palettes haven’t, and the blush alone makes it worth the price for me. The shades aren’t marked on the back of the box, or palette, so I’m unsure if you can buy these individually. The shades are universally flattering – nothing is too cool or too warm, and the neutral, feminine tones would make for a soft, romantic look on any woman !

The only dupe that comes to mind directly is for the chocolate-colored eyeshadow, which reminds me very much of the darker shade in Nars‘ Kalahari eyeshadow duo. The blush looks a little bit like Nars‘ Sin in the palette, but on the skin goes on far more sheer and far less sparkly.

If you’re not travelling internationally in the near future, you can usually find these online. Cosme-de and  StrawberryNet sometimes get their hands on these and sell them, as well as on eBay, but beware of counterfeits !

You’ll find me referencing this one often in my makeup looks !

XX La Coquette

Tip : to check out Duty Free exclusives, visit Beauty Free, a blog that chronicles the makeup found in Duty Free stores around the world.




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