VERY Cheap Dupe for Benefit’s Benetint and Posie Tint

21 Oct

I absolutely, and I mean ABSOLUTELY love Benefit‘s cheek and lip stains. I remember stealing my mother’s Benetint when I was 14 or so, and thinking it was the greatest thing since the invention of cheese.

When Benefit launched Posietint in 2008, a soft peony pink version of their iconic stain, I was elated – that is, until I saw the price tag. You see, Benefit is available exclusively at Sephora here in France, and their prices are a great deal higher than they are in the US. While high beam, for example, is priced at a relatively affordable 23 Euros here, Posietint clocked in at a staggering 34 euros – the same price as my foundation ! Benetint was originally 23, like High Beam, but the prices of Benetint and Posietint have now levelled out at a staggering 32 euros each.  You know, I LOVE lip and cheek stains, but I just can’t get behind that!

When I bought Benefit‘s ‘Finding Mr. Brightside’ palette in February, however, I fell in love with Posietint… it really is gorgeous, looks like a natural flush underneath powder, and gifts the softest rose color to my lips – but 32 EUROS for a full size bottle ? ! GET. OUT. Not happening.

So the last time I was in London, I had a look around Superdrug, a cut price drugstore something like Walgreens, and a veritable treasure trove of cheap makeup. I noticed a few dupes for both Benetint and Posietint, right down to the bottles that lead people to ask, ‘ARE YOU APPLYING NAIL POLISH TO YOUR CHEEKS??!!!’.

Today I’ll show you my dupes from Superdrug in-house brand,  2True, which I managed to pick up for about 1 GBP (about 1.50 USD) each !! They aren’t exactly like the expensive Benefit originals, but they do a great substitute in a pinch.

There are two shades of the ‘2True Lip N Cheek Tint‘. One is Rose, a deep rose-red, similar to the original Benetint. The second is Blush Pink, a very vivid hot pink that swatches bold, but goes on sheer. Here you can see them closed, and opened.

As for swatching, here is the Rose Tint, swatched on the left and blended it on the right.

Here is the Blush Pink, swatched on the left and blended in on the right.

My thoughts on these tints? For such a cheap price, I really can’t ask much more.

Rose – In the bottle, this looks like a very deep shade, however once applied, actually looks more like a sheer hot pink. After several coats, it looks like a deep fuschia on the lips. This doesn’t sting my lips, but does leave a strange taste in my mouth for a few minutes after I’ve applied. I have used this on my cheeks but find it blends unevenly, leaving little red splotches.This may work better on the cheeks for darker skintones. As this is a stain, you have to blend VERY quickly, otherwise you will look like a raspberry tart has just splattered across your face.

Rose Tint on my lips in natural light

Blush – This is an incredibly bright hot pink in the bottle, but you’ll find it does apply very sheerly. The texture is a gel-like, but a little bit thick and gloppy, which is a disappointment after the beautiful texture of Posietint. On the lips, it takes a few good coats to get a good color payoff, but gives a bright, bubble gum pink hue. The texture, however, doesn’t feel great on the lips, and I find it tends to ‘stay’ on the lips more than the Rose tint, which sinks in as a true stain should. On the cheeks, however, this works fabulously. A few dots on the apple of the cheek, and blending quickly towards the hairline, gives a cheery pink color to your face.


dots and dots and dots of blush tint!

I apply this on top of foundation and under powder, to give a natural looking blush, but you can also apply this to bare skin. I used the Blush tint all summer long at the beach, and the staying power was impressive for a product so reasonably priced.

Here is a photo of the Blush Tint next to PosieTint, so you can see the shade comparison.

Packaging – While the packaging certainly looks similar to the original Benefit products, it’s definitely a fail. I’ve had these since June, and since I travel often, I need products that will withstand the rough and tumble of my suitcases. The labels have peeled off a bit, and the cap on the Rose tint has actually cracked, which makes me nervous throwing it into my handbag. But once again.. for the price, can you go wrong?

2True is available exclusively at Superdrug‘s UK outlets and on their website (, but only delivers to the UK, so this means these products are an exclusive for my British readers.

However, Americans, there is hope ! English brand MeMeMe does two even BETTER dupes of the same products ! I found these at Superdrug as well, and while they’re a bit more expensive than 2True, they are still an absolute STEAL compared to Benefit (with, once again, the iconic packaging!)

I don’t have these on hand to review for you, but because I love you, you can buy them on AllCosmeticsWholesale, who recently relaunched their website.

Click on the following link to find their lip and cheek stains, as well as great dupes for HighBeam and MoonBeam highlighters ! These are a bargain at 10.50 USD each.

AllCosmeticsWholesale is a US based company that delivers internationally.

For the originals, visit the Benefit Cosmetics Website:

or Sephora:

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